Over the years, I have been researching how to promote the knowledge of all people, especially decent Iranians. As a result of all the hardships I have found to gain motivational content, only one major case has existed. There was a constant reading of the books of all the speakers and managers from all over the world. But the people of my homeland were constantly working and studying to provide for their livelihoods, and the opportunity to study was still missed. The question was what idea would best answer this need. Yes, after a while I opened up the idea of ​​providing motivational video and character development in my dear country of Iran. And thank God for this grace.

Elias Nick Seffet, the first founder of motivational and success video books in the country


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The microwave mind video was great. I'm really finding out the mistakes I've made for many years. I hope that by the end of the book I will be able to do the composite process and get great results in my life.
saman miri
Hi Nick Shaft I enjoy a world full of great training files and the impact of the first few files I see on both my own and my husband's behaviors.
Ali nazary
Hello and kindness   Your cartoon was great Mr Goodbye this was the best motivational training I have ever seen. . thank you so much
mona rad

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